Unique Sources of Recyclable Brass Metal

Brass is one of the most commonly recycled alloy metals due to its constituent metals: copper and zinc. Brass metal's pervasiveness and versatility further explain why it has attracted significant demand among metal recyclers. Notably, brass shades can range from reddish gold to silver-white depending on the varying contents of copper and zinc. Therefore, if you have just started scrapping scrap metal and selling it to recyclers, you need to know the most uncommon sources of scrap brass. Read on for useful ideas.

Music Schools/Centers

Did you know that music centres are excellent sources of scrap brass? Notably, there is an exclusive family of musical instruments purely made from brass metal. The instruments include the French horn, trombone, euphonium and trumpet. Brass' corrosion resistance property gives the musical instruments impressive acoustics. Unfortunately, most music centres do not dispose of damaged musical instruments that cannot be repaired even after replacing them. Therefore, you can approach any local music centre and ask whether they have unplayable musical instruments made of brass. Some administrators might charge you for the scraps, while others may give it away for free. Whichever is the case, recycling brass metal from music instruments saves space and advances a training centre's environmental sustainability programs.

Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges can produce hundreds of gun shell casings, most of which are made from brass. The reason is that brass has a low coefficient of friction, making it the perfect material for shell casings. Moreover, brass does not rupture easily, even under high pressure. Due to the high cost of producing new ammunition, shooting ranges prefer to sell their brass shell casings for recycling to recoup some money.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are another source of previously owned or end-of-life products that contain brass metal. It is important to understand that some of the products sold at flea markets might not be in working condition; consequently, their prices are greatly reduced so that a buyer can repair their purchase. Thus, you can use the opportunity to buy numerous brass products and sell them to recycling plants for a margin. For instance, precision devices like watches and compasses have recyclable brass parts. Similarly, old and damaged light fixtures and chandeliers are also sold in flea markets and are a great source of recyclable brass metal.  

Contact a scrap metal recycling facility in your area for more information about recycling scrap brass or other scrap metals.