Document Destruction: A Guide

Green issues are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Demonstrating that your company operates in an environmentally friendly way is a key strategy for securing the goodwill of those who use your services. Many people will favour companies which do all they can to recycle. However, if your company deals with sensitive documents, you may face a problem. Using traditional paper recycling services can place sensitive data at risk. Thankfully, document destruction recycling services can safely and securely deal with paper waste which contains sensitive or confidential information. Read on to discover more about how the document destruction process works.

Secure storage

The document destruction company will provide your business with secure document recycling bins. These bins are locked and secured so they cannot be opened by anyone except the employees at the recycling company. Your staff can place confidential papers into these bins, safe in the knowledge that they cannot be read, stolen or copied.

Professional shredding

An employee from the recycling company will periodically visit your business to collect the bin. The full bin will be exchanged for an empty one. The bin containing confidential waste will be loaded into a locked van and then transported to the recycling centre. At the recycling centre, the bin will be opened and the paper waste will be fed into an industrial shredder, which will completely destroy the documents so they are unreadable. All staff who work at the secure recycling centre are vetted and must pass security checks to ensure they can be trusted to handle sensitive information. Once a bin has been emptied and the documents destroyed, the recycling company should offer a certificate of destruction which proves that the paperwork has been destroyed.


The shredded paper will then be transported to a paper mill so it can be recycled. The operators at the paper mill will bleach the shredded paper to remove any traces of ink. They will then add the shredded paper into a vat of liquid to create a pulp. This pulp is then pressed into fresh sheets of paper.

The type of document destruction ensures that you can recycle 100% of the paper you use. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of using this type of service, you should get in touch with a recycling company today. A member of staff will be happy to offer further help and assistance.