Money for junk: four things you can sell to a scrap metal dealer

Sending metal to a landfill can allow toxic chemicals to leach into the environment and is also a waste of materials — recycled metals can be just as good as quality as the raw material, without the environmental cost. Many scrap metal dealers will pay for your metal scrap, but what kinds of items will they buy?


Most metal radiators can be salvaged, whether they have come from your house or a car air conditioning unit. Most dealers will want any rubber or plastic parts removed and for the radiator to be flushed out with a hose. As the metal will be shredded, it does not matter if they are in working order. Radiators can contain copper, brass and aluminium, all of which are valuable when reclaimed.

Drinks cans

Aluminium cans are one of the more common metal items that may be thrown in the trash, but they are also a valuable source of further metal. It does not matter if they contained food or drink — they can all be melted down and reused. As the cans are bought by weight, you will need to save up a good amount before trying to sell them, probably several kilograms, but this is much better than allowing them to go into landfill and cause more pollution.

The kitchen sink

If the sink is made of stainless steel, it can certainly be recycled — and so can any other household item made of the same material, such as benchtops, kitchen appliances and even urinals! Stainless steel is an alloy that contains chromium and can also contain other valuable metals such as iron, nickel and molybdenum.


Any kind of vehicle that is no longer needed can be stripped and recycled, and there are many scrap dealers who will happily pay you for your old car. It doesn't matter what state the car is in — only the raw materials are needed, and these can be reclaimed regardless of whether or not the car has been damaged or is still driveable. The vehicle can then be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Most people have junk of some sort lying around in their garage or backyard. A scrap dealer will buy virtually any kind of metal item and will ensure that the metals are reclaimed in a way that benefits everyone —- and they will even pay you for doing your bit for the environment!