Reasons To Recycle The Scrap Metal Lying Around The Home

There is something simple you can do to help the environment and to make some extra cash — recycle the unused metal objects that might be sitting within dark cupboards, stacked in the shed or lying around your backyard. Here are several reasons to take the trouble to gather up and recycle all these items.

Saves Scarce Resources

Recycling metal benefits the environment. Manufacturers of items such as cars, fridges, bicycles and window frames need raw metal from which to make these objects. By recycling your household items, you add to the pool of available recycled metal which such businesses can use. They then don't need to use newly mined metals that take finite natural resources from the earth.

In this way, recycling gives the metal within your old household items a second life, as it contributes to the creation of new useful things. Because metal can be recycled over and over again, the benefit multiplies across time. Just consider the many useful objects the metal might contribute to over decades as it is melted down and reshaped. Then consider the opposite — if natural resources were taken from the earth for each of these objects.

Lowers Energy Use

Metal recycling helps the environment in another way. Recycling scrap metals use less energy — and fewer fossil fuels — than producing new metals from scratch. The burning of fossil fuels harms the environment, releasing gasses into the atmosphere and gradually warming the earth. Additionally, by recycling metal, you're supporting new greener industries that employ people and helping the world to shift to more environmentally friendly activities.

Reduces Landfill Waste

Sending metal items to a metal recycling plant prevents them from piling up in an overflowing landfill. Not only does this create an eyesore, but your metal becomes part of the throw-away mentality that harms the planet. Plus, your old household items will be sitting there doing nothing, with their metal content within going to complete waste.

Generates Extra Cash

Finally, all your altruism will earn you extra cash, which you can spend on cosmetics, tools or whatever you wish. You might have more scrap metal lying around your property than you think, be it aluminium pots and pans, old lawnmowers, clotheslines, microwaves and so on. Be on the lookout in particular if you're renovating or upgrading your home both inside and out as many elements use metal: fences, guttering, appliances, door frames, plumbing pipes, door knocks and so on.